Displays include:
   *Hunter Mining History Library open to members.
   *The Lowell Thomas Room dedicated to the famed world traveler who grew up in Victor. See personal memorabilia, photos, furniture and more. Videos of Lowell Thomas interviews.
   *The Dr. A.C. Denman & Lillian Titmas Doctor's Office - equipment of Victor's family doctor's office on display.
   *Antique Doll Collection - hundreds of dolls of all kinds, toys and photos.
   *Victorian Rooms filled with original furniture and household items from the turn-of-the-century.
   *Outdoor Mining Display filled with relics of the 1890's mines - a tour guide book is available that describes the equipment.
   *Mining Display in our main gallery includes drills, a real 1-ton ore car, mining lamps and a miner's cabin.
   *Historic photos and the Cripple Creek/Victor Centennial Quilt are also on display.

Victor's Colorful History On Display

Victor's history is one of exploration, ranching, gold mining and railroading.
In 1890 and 1891 prospectors discovered the rich gold ore that touched off the legendary Cripple Creek & Victor Gold Rush. The ranching country on Pikes Peak's western slopes was quickly transformed as prospectors flocked to the area to seek their fortunes in gold.

With the discovery of gold, it became a priority to link the Cripple Creek and Victor Mining District to Colorado Springs, Florence and beyond. Stage roads and railroads carried construction materials, food, clothing, coal, ore and people to and from the District towns and goldfields.
Some of those historic routes now comprise the segments of a grand loop of backcountry adventure called the Gold Belt National Scenic Byway. Other historic routes offer more opportunities to explore the 1890’s connections to Colorado Springs.

A multitude of pioneers rushed to this area to get rich quick, most of them ended up poor - either leaving in search of better fortune or staying to make Victor and the area home. Some though struck it rich and built a legacy of gold mining that begs to be told.

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