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Victor Family Stories

Seven Generations in Victor, Colorado & The Mining District--The Way It Was" as recalled by Eleanor Musser Baker (1920-2003) and her mother, Sadie Musser

Memories of Rudy Balke City of Victor’s Benefactor by Chuck Clark

The Rudy Balke Trust was established in 1964 to provide for the needy of Victor and surrounding area.

It continues to this day because of the strong foresightedness and generosity of Kenneth Geddes

the attorney who carefully managed the Trust and never charged for his services.

Rudy Balke legacy lives on, touching many lives throughout the district.
Rudy Balke was instrumental in helping the Victor Improvement Association establish the Victor Museum.


James and Frank Burke Family

Victor Diehl

Ken Geddes

Richard Grater

Myron House

Joseph Lesher

Mary Alice Orazen

Memories of Edward Franklin Page

Cemetery Marker Mary Quinn

Joseph Askins Quinn     Birth Certificate

Mary Quinn Obituary

Carol Roberts, Goldfield

The Lowell Thomas and Ryan Families

Winfield Scott Stratton

The Woods, founders of Victor

Francis Wayland

Harry W Yoemans and Minnie Katherine Kirby, dated 6/28/1899. Harry was Jan. 26, 1904 at the Independence Mine, along with 14 others. On the night of January 26, 1904, when non-union replacement workers were coming off shift in the Independence Mine, the cage that they were riding in had a serious mishap. The cage was drawn into the sheave wheel at the top of the shaft. The cable that supported the cage was severed, and the cage fell. Fifteen miners fell into the shaft, 1500 feet deep. 

After Harry died in the mining accident, his wife Minnie took her daughter, Gertrude, born in Victor in 1901, to California to live.  Soon there after, Minnie died, and Gertrude was sent to Ft Collins to be raised by an aunt and uncle.
From Ronald Moucka, great-grandson of Minne. Photo